Dj Serkan Bycall is an active Dj since 2000 an he is continuing his career as a professional since 2007. He performed in so many organizations which took places like Su Island, Bogazici University, Park Orman, Çırağan Palace and Fours Seasons Hotel besides the most of the clubs.

He is a professional since 2007

His first professional performance was in Cadde Nispet  which is in Bagdat Avenue after creating the Cadde Team in 2007. Meanwhile he kept performing in so many clubs.

He started as a producer in a company in 2008 and this move made him took a step forward in his career. In this company, he found the chance with most of the celebrities in Wedding Ceremonies, Launches, Openings, Coctails, Special Parties and Concerts. This events made him one of the most wanted Dj’s.

In 2008, he set aside his popular music career and made himself a named  popular Dj with Lo-Fi(Lounge, ChillOut, Ambiance, Jazz) style. He reached out his crowds with so many succeeded compilations. The ages made him listen every style in this industry even though he started his career with electrnic music. After these years, he made a fantastic move into the Latin World with Aytunc Benturk’s Hot Latin Night in Murphy’s Kalamis. He became a real Latin Dj with self made remixes and compilations.

After the days in Sess Uludağ, Nisantasion, Melon 24, Etiler Locca, Nisantaşı Biber, Kuruçeşme Sortie, Kuşadası Sess, he is performing in Sess Nişantaşı & Bodrum now…

Last News

  • Çırağan Palace WEDDING Party

    Dj Serkan Bycall will be at Wedding & After Party @ 19:00 -03:00

    July 19, 2016
  • Soho House Istanbul

    Dj Serkan Bycall will be @ Soho House Istanbul 15.07.2016 23:00

    July 12, 2016
  • Sess Nişantaşı

    Resident Dj @ Sess Nişantaşı / Bodrum

    June 22, 2016
  • New set

    New set included on my Soundcloud

    June 21, 2016
  • New Video

    Dj Serkan Bycall Wedding Video Teaser

    May 8, 2016
  • Teaser

    It's my new Teaser

    July 12, 2015

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    • Nişantaşı Sess Dj Serkan Baykal

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    Mobile: +90 534 051 4137 / +90 532 543 0043


    Press Release 

    Dj Serkan Bycall Press Kit

    Dj Serkan Bycall is a rising star in Turkei and continues his succes as a Dj and Online Radio Programmer who has a style which effects every age group with House Music, Oldies, Soul, RnB, Jazz and Lounge.


    Sess Nisantasi & Bodrum,Sess Kusadasi, Kurucesme Sortie, Nisantasi Biber, Nisantasi Melon 24 , Sess Uludag , Nisantasion, 360 East Double Tree , Etiler Locca , Murphy’s Dance Bar , Gate , Yerfistigi , Barcode , Nispet , Camelot , Mio Private Club , Maçkolik , Agapia Garden

    Ciragan Palace , Four Seasons , Les Ottoman’s , Esma Sultan , Adile Sultan Palace , Su Ada , Park Orman , Galatasaray High School , Boğazici University League of the Graduated Students , Yıldız Hisar , Koc University , Koc Museum , Istanbul Lawyer Home , Kalamış Dalyan Park , Korupark İstanbul , Bahar Country


    Ayşe KARACA

    0544 675 5650

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